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.COM Domain

.COM domain is the most popular domain name extension that widely being used by businesses and individual around the globe. As of 2016, there were more than 127 million domains that registered with the .COM extension.


As more .COM domain being register on a daily basic and the amount of available keyword that can be used to register a .COM domain is decreasing day by da, a .COM domain name with a set of proper keyword would raise in value.


"Vanilla Chop" is a brandable name. Vanilla has more than one meaning and so does the word chop. Thus, when the two word combines together to create the name, that can offer flexibility for how the name is going to be used.

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1. Although the dot COM extension was first created to represent and accommodate commercial activities but because of the popularity of the dot COM extension, many non-commercial individuals and organizations also adopt the uses of the dot COM extension for their domain name. Thus, .COM domains can be view as domains that associate with many activities and purposes. The dot COM extension is not a locally specified domain extension. Therefore, any individual or organization that locate anywhere in the world can use a .COM domain name to promote their activities. Thus, can be useful for any individual or organization and does not matter where in the world the individual or the business located, or carry their activities that would be promoted through the website.

2. "Vanilla Chop" as a name is made up from two dictionary words and is easy to pronounce. As a name, "Vanilla Chop" is a short and memorable name. Whether as a brand-name or a business name, without associating to a local geographic location, the name "Vanilla Chop" can be used throughout the growth cycle of a corporation. From the time when the business just started to the time that the business gain national or international presence, the name "Vanilla Chop" can be used and kept throughout that cycle.

3. The word vanilla has more than one meaning. Vanilla can be described as a substance from the vanilla bean that is used in cooking. Vanilla is also the name of a tropical climbing orchid. The word vanilla can also mean ordinary or standard. As for the word chop, chop also has more than one meaning. Chop can mean a thick slice of meat, to cut something into small pieces, or in a martial arts term, chop sometimes can mean a downward cutting blow using the hand. Thus, when combining the word "vanilla" and the word "chop" together. The meaning can be flexible. "Vanilla Chop" can mean an ordinary slice of meat or a standard slice of meat. "Vanilla Chop" can also mean a standard technique in cooking or a standard chopping move in martial arts. Thus, the"" can be used by individuals or businesses that want to promote activities that are related to the meat industry, the cooking industry, or the martial arts industry.


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This domain is for sale by Kevin Nguyen(kevinhng86), the author of Programming with Kevin, and is the owner of and the starting up company Fai Hosting Solution.

I do have a variety of domain in many niches. Feel free to browse the list of for sale domains below.

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